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Resident Assistant (RA) Fall 2017

Posting Details

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Position Information

Classification Title Student Assistant III
Position Type Student
Department Housing and Residence Life
Position Title Resident Assistant (RA) Fall 2017
Position Number 54001336
Budget Position Number 54001336
Pay Scale $9.00 - $11.00
Nature of Work

Resident Assistants (RAs) are paraprofessional staff members for the Department of Housing and Residence Life. The RA is the closest and most vital link with the residents. Under the supervision of graduate assistant and/or full­‐time staff member, the RA is responsible for creating and maintaining a residence hall environment that is conducive to living and learning. In order to accomplish this, the RA is expected to play a variety of constantly changing roles. The RA must be flexible and creative in meeting the residents’ needs by serving as a mediator, referral agent, advisor, community developer, educator, and friend. The position requires a serious time commitment, willingness to be available to other students, and the ability to hold oneself to a high ethical standard.

Required Qualifications

Have at least two semesters of UWG residence hall living experience or have a comparable living experience at another institution.
•Possess strong leadership and interpersonal skills, and a genuine interest in working with college students.
•Have no outstanding conduct sanctions/probations.
•Must be available to start no later than October 1st. Agrees to serve on staff for the full duration of the appointment beginning October 1st, 2017 and to end no later than May 13th, 2018.

Academic Standing: An RA must be enrolled as a full­‐time student in good academic standing and meet the following:
a. Must carry an academic load of not less than 12 hours/semester (9 hours for graduate students).
b. Must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.50 during the period of employment and must earn a minimum semester GPA for 2.50 each semester while employed. A semester or cumulative GPA below a 2.0 at any point may result in immediate termination.
c. Must have 24 or more completed credit hours at the time work begins.

Preferred Qualifications
Physical Requirements/Working Conditions
Does this position require any special certification/ license? If yes, please specify.
Notice to Applicants

Please create and upload a WELCOME LETTER as your cover letter when prompted. The welcome letter should include:

*An introduction of yourself
*An explanation of your role as a student staff member
*The attitudes, behaviors, and relationships you hope to see develop in your community
*Other information to welcome residents in the community

Position Status Temporary - Part-Time
Position Notes

Student Assistant III positions include exceptional student duties of a complex nature, requiring extensive prior knowledge, skill, or training. Student Assistant III positions may include strenuous and constant physical activity. Students in these positions take on a heavy workload, perform work with little or no supervision, and often have supervisory responsibilities over other students.

Required Qualifications

Must be a current University of West Georgia student enrolled for six credit hours and maintaining at least a 2.0 cumulative grade-point average unless otherwise noted/indicated by the hiring department.

Number of Hires Requested for Position Title multiple
Funding Source 5011122­12210­524100­21100

Posting Detail Information

Posting Number ST00905
Posting Date 08/30/2017
Closing Date 10/12/2017
Open Until Filled No
Special Instructions to Applicant

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

Percentage Of Total Time 73%
Responsibility / Duty

Community and Academic Development: The RA is expected to promote an atmosphere conducive to individual and group development.

The RA is expected to:
a. Know every student in his/her assigned area by name and face.
b. Understand and educate residents about the University and Housing policies and regulations
c. Be available to students in need of counseling or mediation, and make communicate these issues appropriately while maintaining confidentiality.
d. Demonstrate knowledge of referral options within the University and be able to effectively refer students for assistance.
e. Complete at least 3 one on one conversations with assigned Residents each semester
f. Maintain an attitude of sincere interest in the residents. Encourage an atmosphere of courtesy, consideration, and unity among floor and hall residents.
g. Be aware of and report to the building supervisor any serious illness, abnormal behavior, long absences or special concerns of hall residents.
h. Facilitate social interaction among the residents by encouraging attendance at scheduled floor meetings, hall meetings, Housing and Residence Life activities and University activities. At least 10 of the meals provided in the block 20 meal plan each semester are to be eaten in the dining halls on campus.
i. Fulfill the community development and programmatic expectations of the assigned residence hall and Department of Housing and Residence Life. These include, but are not limited to, one on one interaction with residents, social and educational programs, door decorations, and bulletin boards.
j. Encourage student interaction with members of the University community by involving faculty and staff in programs.
k. Assist students in transitioning to the collegiate academic experience, and help students become connected with campus academic support services
Integrate academic concepts and resources in Social and Educational programs, including working with external partners with in hall programming
l. Work with the Assistant Director for Residence Education with early Intervention alert program
m. Serve 2 hours per week at your assigned Residence Hall desk to help with the facilitation of the larger community
n. Facilitate roommate agreement discussions and mediate low level to moderate roommate conflicts

Percentage Of Total Time 15%
Responsibility / Duty

Administrative Duties: The RA is primarily administratively responsible to his/his director supervisor, and is expected to:

a. Assist with administrative procedures such as room change, roster verification, consolidation, and health and safety inspections.
b. Use keys and electronic key access in a responsible manner and consistent with the
Asset (Key) Holder’s Policy.
c. Attend and participate in weekly staff meetings, one on ones, and schedule trainings. Including coming back earlier than the student population to work Move In times
d. Assist with resident check­‐in and check­‐out procedures using room inspection forms and StarRez software.
e. Maintain a West Georgia e­‐mail account and respond to work related emails within 1 business day.
f. Report and follow­‐up on all necessary repairs and housekeeping problems as specified by the building supervisor and according to the established policies of Housing and Residence Life.
g. Supervise the use of the University’s property and facilities.
h. Report room assignment concerns to the building supervisor.
i. Complete reports as specified by the supervisor and the Department of Housing and
Residence Life.
j. Serve office/lobby hours as specified by the duty schedule and as specified by the supervisor.
k. Perform other duties as assigned that relate to the operation of the hall and the
Department of Housing and
Residence Life.

Percentage Of Total Time 10%
Responsibility / Duty

Role Modeling: The RA is held to a high ethical standard and is expected to:

a. Wear his or her name tag while on duty and while completing work related functions in a public setting.
b. Dress conservatively and appropriately for the task at hand, including footwear. RAs are often required to wear an issued polo shirt and khaki pants (not issued).
c. Utilize social networking media with great care. d. Employ effective time management strategies.
e. Arrive to all required functions on time and prepared with calendar and writing supplies. Participate appropriately.
f. Communicate regularly with his or her supervisor.
g. Use alcohol, if of legal age, in a way that does not interfere with the ability to perform the RA job at a moment’s notice. Staff who are of legal age may not consume alcohol within 8 hours prior to being on duty or carrying out work related functions. Staff who are of legal are may only possess or consume alcohol in their personal space within their assigned room. Regardless of age, use of alcohol is never to be glamorized or celebrated by HRL staff. RAs who are not of legal age (21) are expected not to
consume alcohol at all, on or off campus.
h. Fulfill other duties as assigned by supervisor and the Department of Housing and
Residence Life.
i. Avoid romantic or sexual relationships with residents and co­‐workers as outlined in the Staff Dating Policy.

Percentage Of Total Time 2%
Responsibility / Duty

Compliance training and professional development.

Supplemental Questions

Required fields are indicated with an asterisk (*).

  1. * Are you admitted to the University of West Georgia and enrolled for at least 6 credit hours?
    • YES
    • NO
  2. * Do you have at least a 2.5 semester and cumulative GPA?

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  3. * What is your semester and year of anticipated graduation date?

    (Open Ended Question)

  4. * What is your current campus address?
    • Arbor View Apartments-Building A
    • Arbor View Apartments-Building B
    • Arbor View Apartments-Building C
    • Bowdon Hall
    • Center Pointe Suites
    • Greek Village
    • Gunn Hall
    • The Oaks
    • Tyus Hall
    • University Suites-Building 1
    • University Suites-Building 2
    • University Suites-Building 3
    • Strozier Main
    • Strozier Annex
    • I DO NOT currently live on campus
  5. * How many semesters have you lived on campus at UWG (including this one?)

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  6. * What is your declared/anticipated major?

    (Open Ended Question)

  7. * Please describe in detail any student teaching, internships, co-ops, teaching assistantships (TA), or academic overloads (over 17 hours) you will have during the 2016-2017 academic year. If none, please type "none" in the box.

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  8. * Have you ever been found responsible for a student conduct violation at UWG?
    • Yes
    • No
    • Case Pending
    • Unsure/Not Sure
  9. * Please list the name, email address and their relationship to you of a reference or someone who can speak to your leadership ability.

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  10. * Please list the name, email address and their relationship to you of a reference or someone who can speak to your leadership ability.

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  11. * Have you attended a RA Information Session?
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    • No

Applicant Documents

Required Documents
  1. Resume Approved By Career Services
  2. Cover Letter
Optional Documents