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Spring 2018 Chemistry LAB Teaching Assistant

Posting Details

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Position Information

Classification Title Student Assistant I
Job Code/BCAT SA I
Position Type Student
Department Chemistry
Position Title Spring 2018 Chemistry LAB Teaching Assistant
Position Number
Budget Position Number 54002270
Pay Scale $7.25 - $8.50
Nature of Work

Teaching assistants for CHEM 1211L, 1212L, 1151L, 1152L, 2411L, 2455L, and 3422L. TAs are assigned to one or more laboratory course sections that consist of a maximum of 64 students. The TA duties include:

• Read and prepare for each weekly lab experiment

• Supervise one (or more) two to three hour laboratory period each week. This means circulating throughout the lab section visually monitoring student performances and answering any questions or guide the students in determining the answers.

• Enforce all safety regulations

• Ensure that all lab materials are returned at the end of lab and that the lab room is clean

• Have sufficient knowledge to answer students questions regarding the material presented.

• Perform any additional duties specified by the instructor

Required Qualifications

Successful completion (a grade of B or higher) of the chemistry course(s) which are appropriate to your assignment as an assistant, satisfactory evaluations in any previous position as a departmental assistant, and satisfactory progress toward a degree.

Preferred Qualifications

• Ability to exercise independent judgment.

• Ability to take the initiative to follow up on projects or assignments.

• Ability to attend to details with high degree of accuracy.

• Good verbal and written communication skills.

• Demonstrated interpersonal skills to work cooperatively.

Physical Requirements/Working Conditions

May involve moving/lifting equipment up to 50 lbs

Does this position require any special certification/ license? If yes, please specify. No
Notice to Applicants

Preference will be given to chemistry majors, chemistry minors, and students with prior experience as a laboratory assistant.

Position Status Temporary - Part-Time
Position Notes

Student Assistant I positions include standard, routine duties which require minimal prior training or experience. Most often, Student Assistant I positions work with other students and are frequently supervised.

Required Qualifications

Must be a current University of West Georgia student enrolled for six credit hours and maintaining at least a 2.0 cumulative grade-point average unless otherwise noted/indicated by the hiring department.

Number of Hires Requested for Position Title 20-33
Funding Source 10600-1001110-11100-11000

Posting Detail Information

Posting Number ST00951
Posting Date 10/17/2017
Closing Date 01/15/2018
Open Until Filled No
Special Instructions to Applicant

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

Percentage Of Total Time 5%
Responsibility / Duty

Compliance Training and Professional Development

Percentage Of Total Time 15%
Responsibility / Duty

Read and prepare for each weekly lab experiment. Anticipate questions that the students may have and offer assistance when necessary.

Percentage Of Total Time 60%
Responsibility / Duty

Supervise one (or more) two hour laboratory period each week. This means:

• Move around the laboratory and assist students with questions.
• Insure students have and wear goggles at all times.
• Help students maintain a clean and safe laboratory environment.
• Insure that students replace reagents back in the proper place.
• For general chemistry, be sure de-ionized water bottles are filled. For Organic, be sure the acetone bottles are filled and enough gloves are available.
• Be sure the bench tops are clean at the end of lab.
• Be sure the balance area is clean. For Organic, use the paint brush provided.
• Be sure the reagent areas are orderly. For Organic, make sure bottle caps are screwed on and solid bottles are placed back in the fume hood.
• Report damaged equipment and replace broken glassware into the proper dispenser.
• Organic TAs should make sure the solid waste container is replaced if overflowing and close all waste containers before exiting lab.

Percentage Of Total Time 20%
Responsibility / Duty

Know, monitor, and enforce all safety regulations.
Know where all safety equipment is in the laboratory. (Fire extinguishers, eye wash fountains, safety showers, first aid kit, etc.)

Supplemental Questions

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  1. * Are you admitted to the University of West Georgia and enrolled for at least 6 credit hours?
    • YES
    • NO
  2. * Do you have a cumulative grade-point average of at least 2.0 in all college course work attempted? (First semester freshmen and first semester graduate students should select yes).
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    • NO
  3. * Are you participating in the Dual Enrollment program, also known as Move On When Ready? This program allows students currently enrolled in high school to attend college classes.
    • Yes
    • No
  4. * What is your Major?

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  5. * What is your current campus or off-campus address?

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  6. * Did you make a B or better in the course you want to be a Teaching Assistant for?

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  7. * Is your current overall GPA at least a 3.0?
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    • No
  8. * What is your anticipated status next semester?
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    • Sophomore
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    • Senior
    • Other
  9. * Please check your schedule and the official online class schedule to see which lab slot(s) you are available to work. Rank them below in order of preference.

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  10. * Have you worked for the University of West Georgia in the past?
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  11. * Are you available the week before classes for training? If not, why?

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  12. * What other on-campus jobs will you be employed next semester?

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  13. * Do you have previous tutoring experience?

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  14. * Do you have previous lab assistant experience?

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  15. * How many hours would you like to work per week?

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  16. * Are you eligible for FWSP (Federal Work-Study Program)?

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  17. * Why do you want to be a TA? What skills qualify you for this position? (If possible, describe a situation in which you utilized those skills.)

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  18. * Academic records are normally checked, and instructor recommendations sought, in evaluating applicants for leadership positions. Do you give us permission for your records to be examined.
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